How can you Help?


Sponsor a Child

Going to school in Nepal is not easy or cheap for families. The reality is if they can not afford it, they will marry their girls off early and the sons usually stay home and help around the home or end up on the streets. WE are looking for sponsors for the school education which covers the expensive items such as books, supplies, uniforms and shoes. A simple $100pa. Our mission is to encourage girls to stay in education and boys too to improve their future and the countries.

Sponsor a Nurse

In the village of Arnakot Deurali in the Western Region of Nepal they are 4 days trek to the nearest Hospital. It is difficult to get good health care in the village, however with your help we can sponsor a full time Nurse to live and work in the village and provide quality health care, education and medicine when needed.

You can sponsor a Nurse from $5 – $5000.

To maintain consistency we need to raise approx. $10,000pa for a nurse to stay in the village.

Sponsor a Volunteer

Maybe you can’t volunteer, however you could send somebody else in your place!! Imagine this life changing gift, you could sponsor a person to come and trek and volunteer with us, not only are you helping a person who may have a lot to give or would benefit from the experience, but your also helping others in Nepal…. The ultimate gift. Talk to us for more details on this one.


We offer tailored volunteering opportunities with 3 different organisations.

We work with, and Chetana womens skill development.

Projects are changing often with different needs or actions required, so we will work with you to create a personalised volunteering experience, that not only gives you the feeling of contribution and reward, but also is focused on empowering and supporting Nepali people.

Some examples of volunteering programs might be:

  • Working at the Health post in Arnakot Deurali. ( health qualifications necessary, graduates ok)
  • Rebuilding schools and other buildings damaged from the Earthquake.
  • Assisting in education programs, in schools, health or other environment.Cross-cultural sharing, business development and or training to Nepali people (insert your given skill here) Workshops etc.

See our pics and videos for past projects and examples.


Buy locally made, this creates industry, and improves the economy of Nepal

Our Nepalese hand crafted products are sourced through ethical means and we make sure that they are fair trade standard, which supports local craftsmen and women, in particular Chetana women’s skill development and their training programs in remote villages. see our online shop.

More about Chetana Womens Skill Development:

Tara Timilshana is the founder of this small, but inspiring little weaving community. She spends her days, educating young women in remote villages on how to weave cotton in a unique Himalayan way and then buys the finished woven fabrics back the villages to create and design amazing bags. She has a workshop and shop in Pokhara and this is the front of her social enterprise. These women earn an income and in doing so are able to support themselves. In a country like Nepal this is not easy, they are the lucky ones… Tara’s mission is to provide training to more villagers and improve her reach internationally, so that more women in Nepal can have secure income and become independent. She also needs to pay for the training they need and sewing machines.


If you’re a solo traveller and you want to make your own way in Nepal with a little help from locals, contact us and we will ensure you are looked after.

We will guide you on:

  • What is fair price to pay to ensure that your $$ are going towards Nepali families that will benefit
  • The current issues that you may need to be aware of
  • The best way of getting around
  • And anything else you may need

Contact us to learn more about this.

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