Which window are you looking out of? Whats the view like?  Is it the same view as yesterday? Are you inspired by it? Soothed by it? Or maybe you have no view at all….. Maybe you’d like to change that view?  One of the things I have noticed, living in Nepal amongst the Himalayas, is the ever changing landscape.  It made me start thinking fondly of Australia as well and the diversity that exists within our country in both landscape and its people.  Change and diversity is natural, it is the one constant that exists consistently throughout the whole of the universe.

Goddess Kali is constantly preparing us for change, creation and destruction. She is teaching us that to stay the same = destruction. We have to flow, we have to embrace change and allow for growth, it is nature. TO resist is to suffer.  Living in Nepal has certainly taught me that.  Especially in the aftermath of the earthquake.  Everyone here has had to accept and adjust their view and embrace change. Nothing stays the same. I feel that when your view is fixed and does not change then you have stopped growing, stopped learning, stopped expanding.  Maybe part of the problem in our societies is that we have become so caught up in survival and living that we forgot that its in our DNA to move about, to adjust, adapt, change and navigate the impacts of living…

Once upon a time humans were nomads, constantly having to adjust and adapt to new environments.  Maybe being nomadic in modern times, is the responsibility of a few people in society?  Maybe its left to these people to explore and gather and bring the new knowledge back to the tribe?  I guess what I am feeling is that, deep within my core has always been this desire to move about, to explore, uncover, seek and participate in something bigger and more expansive than day to day survival.  I know it’s not for everyone. I can appreciate, that many of my friends enjoy the comforts of the familiar and their own homes, however for me this always feels so heavy.  I am lightest and at my best, when I’m exploring.  Full of wonderment like a child, open, loving and free.  This is where I learn the most about myself and others.  This is when I do my best work, my best sharing.

This realisation has become more apparent to me, as I find myself wanting to explore further, write and share more.  Its becoming more obvious to me, what my role is in this world at this time and I’m enjoying the possibilities…..  In a few days I am flying to Cambodia for a much needed break from the mountains and to re-aquaint myself with the ocean.  I’m so excited to share this with my Nepali friend who has never left his country before, and more than that, never seen the ocean… He loves to swim, so this will be an amazing experience for him and for me, the joy of sharing this experience with him.  Cambodia is another interesting place I have visited once before, although at the time, it was not long enough, so I am looking forward to going back.  It is also a deeply spiritual place, filled with hindu and buddhist temples so ancient and mystical and set deep in the jungle, in some cases the jungle is deep within the temples, another example that nature is always rearranging itself to adapt to its environment and obstacles.

I am feeling blessed at this time that I am realising my dream of being a citizen of the globe, not just a country. Learning and playing in the world (my chosen university) for some people, I know is a scary thing.  I am aware the idea of having no fixed address and wandering the planet spending money on experiences is for some seen as crazy  or not wise, but for me I feel most wisest when I am living in this way, like a detective gathering intel.  I have never valued things as much as I value experiences, people and places.. 

For as long as I can remember, I have not resonated with domestic lifestyle and seeking Assets and materialistic things, my most treasured items being transport to take me anywhere, my guitar and PC.
It has always created a conflict within me that has kept my soul restless.  The idea of working and moving about is undoubtedly my preference.  Another reason why I love my job with BOUNCE consulting in Australia, always varied, new places, new faces, new learning, new sharing.
Please don’t misunderstand me, I am looking forward to returning to Australia and re-aquainting myself with my family, friends and my ocean at Phillip Island, however I think life will be lived in a very different way for me in the future… Perhaps for me it won’t be about saving for retirement, but instead, living each day to the fullest and trusting, that to not know the answers, will allow more space to create the future.  A good friend once said to me each day is your life… Not tomorrow.