Note: ITINERARY is subject to change due to environmental factors and or accessibility.

Day 1: 


Transfer from airport and stay in the Pilgrims guesthouse in Thamel. 3 star. Pilgrims has a garden which is a rarity in Kathmandu and we find the staff helpful and it is easy to access with a vehicle. Alternative accommodation can be arranged at an extra cost to you.

Day 2:

Free time to sight see around Thamel at your leisure. 

Take in the local sights and try some local food. Immerse yourself in the Nepalese culture, shop or rest up before the trek.

Check out the Dream garden, nearby temples such as the Monkey Temple, Bouddha Stupa, Bhaktapur (the original Kathmandu) and Durbar Square.

Rup and the staff at Pilgrims are available if needed to help with money exchange, taxis or tour bookings

Meet and Greet Dinner in the evening at OR2K restaurant in Thamel at own expense. Accommodation at Pilgrims, taxi transfer from airport and bus transport to Pokhara is included in the tour price. All other activities at own expense.

Day 3:

7.30am Bus to Pokhara ( Pilgrims and Rup can assist you to the bus) 

7 hours ride to take in the amazing sights and check out the Nepali countryside. It is the best way to get an introduction to Nepali life out in the villages and lowlands. 

Bus is a Coach, safe and comfortable. Stopping for food and toilet breaks along the way. Food onroute is included.  

Arrive in Pokhara around 3pm.

Check into local Tibet Peace guesthouse and spend the afternoon exploring the lakeside at your own leisure.

For those of you that still need Trekking gear – please meet with Govin at 5pm in the foyer of the guesthouse and let us know via facebook that you will be needing assistance and he will assist you with buying what you need and ensure you receive the best price. MEET and GREET Dinner at GODFATHER Pizza Hallan Chowk at 6.30- 7pm.

Quick debrief and packing of bags assistance at 8.30pm.

Day 4:

For the next component of the trip, accom, food and activities are covered by tour cost.

Leave Pokhara by Jeep at 6.30am-7am travelling mostly off road 8-10 hours to Jomsom. Winding through amazing villages, views and waterfalls. We travel along the famed Kali Gandaki river for most of the journey- stopping regularly at local teahouses along the way. 

Lunch and dinner included.

Day 5:

Leave Jomsom Guest house at 8.30 -9am easy first day of trekking along the river to Kagbeni, find you own pace, meditate as you walk through the vast valley and take in the first glimpses of the Annapurnas. Great photography. Lunch and Dinner provided in Kagbeni. 

Feel free to stop and grab some Nepali chiya ( tea) and snacks along the way at any of the teahouses.  

Once in Kagbeni spend time checking out the tiny cobbled streets, Buddhist monastery and grab some amazing pics of the local scenery and village life.  Truly feels like your in another world. Approx 4 hours walking and 10kms, in low-lying terrain along the river.

Day 6:

Early start 7.30am – 8am walk to Muktinath.  

The path follows the footsteps of millions of Hindu pilgrims over thousands of years. The views are spectacular of the Dhauligiri, and Annapurna ranges.  

At times the altitude makes the walking slow and this is perfect to help  with adjusting the pace to the altitude level as we get slightly higher. But don’t worry you can stop whenever you need to and take a rest or travel back down until you are feeling comfortable.  

It’s the perfect opportunity to relax as you walk focusing on your breath, the eagles, as they fly above and the beautiful sparse country side.  

Mustang is a unique place and truly feels like you are walking on the planet Mars at times.  

Expect to walk for at least 5 hours. Once we reach the village of Muktinath we will be at 3800metres so everything moves slow here, including you…. After some rest and lunch we will take the steps up to the famous temple. If you like you can do what the Hindus do and wash in the cleansing waters of 108 fountains and then offer a prayer to the Shiva God of the mountain. Those who have taken part always report a feeling of elation and lightness.  7 kms, uphill mostly.

Day 7:

Muktinath to Jomsom

Leaving 8.30am, breakfast bright and early.
Downhill walk today cross country in parts, amazing views and some opportunities to face your fear of heights. 6 hours walking stopping in local tea house for some lunch ( around 30-90mins) and then onto Jomsom for Dinner. Don’t forget to explore the Monastery and one of the most dangerous runways in the world.
Take lots of Pics. Approx. 10-12kms all downhill.

Day 8:

Jomsom to Marpha around 9.30am. 

Head into the gorgeous village famous for its apples and traditional ancient Mustang village. Amazing pics to be had here.  Check out the Monastery and walk through the maze of tiny walkways. Notice on the hill behind the tucked away homes that are dug into the mountains. Make sure you try everything Apple in Marpha. Talk to locals and explore the surrounds.  Lets do some Yoga today to stretch those limbs. If you are extra keen get on up the steep mountain behind Marpha with Govin, to touch the snow and get some unique views. 

Day 9:

Marpha to Kalopani 

Enjoy the downhill trek through more unique villages and very different terrain with the snowy peaks still poking out around you, walk the swing bridges, through pine forests, along winding pathways and watch the landscape change rapidly.  Approx. 7 hours walk, stopping along the way at tea houses. This part of the walk it is best to walk together as there are many ways that you could take a wrong turn. Following the Kali Gandaki river, watch as she gets bigger along the way. Approx 15kms 

Day 10:

Today we take the Jeep down the last leg from Kalopani to Baglung. Leaving around 9.30am

We will stop at the hot springs in Tatopani if everyone wants a quick dip, and grab some tea and snacks. On arrival to Baglung we will settle into the hotel and take a relaxing walk around to explore this Nepali city which has had minimal influence from foreigners.  Meet Govins family and get involved in the festivities of Dasain preparation.

At this time of year there are many festivals and Dasain is the equivalent to Christmas in this part of the world. Enjoy a home cooked meal over the fire and experience the hospitality of our family.

Approx. 45kms, winding 4WD track, approx. 4-5 hours.

Day 11:


Enjoy a traditional festival, with Pooja ritual and learning about the ancient practice of worshipping Goddess Kali at this time.  

We will tell you the story. Don’t worry and you will become part of the family and village on this day. Enjoy the beautiful views from the swing bridge and perhaps visit the famous Kali temple where 100’s of Nepali will be worshipping and practicing Pooja on this special day.

Day 12:

Baglung – Pokhara.– leaving early around 8am, by jeep for this 5 hour drive.

We stop and enjoy the cave temple plus the 3 highest swing bridges in Kusma onroute to Pokhara. 

Morning tea provided along the way.
Arrive in Pokhara around lunchtime.

We dine at Pokhara Java Café for lunch for our last group gathering Accommodation for the next 2 nights is provided at the luxury hotel in Gauri Ghat. 

You may extend your booking if you wish to stay longer. 

Day 13:

Witness Pokhara Valley and step off the edge of the mountain in Sarangkhot.   Paraglide your way down to the Fewa Lake.  

Enjoy a nice relaxing afternoon massage at Ayurvedic Health home.  Paragliding and Massage are included in tour price. Food at own expense today

 The return bus or flight to Kathmandu can be booked upon request. 

The rest of the day is yours to relax and explore. Last night accommodation at luxury hotel. 

Day 14:

We say goodbye here and put you on the bus to Kathmandu 7.30am 

We suggest that you stay overnight in Kathmandu before flying out on the 24th of October or extending on. Do not book your international flight for this day, leave at least 24hours to allow for delays.

Rup will on the ground and available to assist you with anything you need in Kathmandu including accommodation and transport to the airport. This is at your own expense and we are happy to arrange accommodation for you at Pilgrims at your request and expense.


If you’d like help booking your international flight email Renae Martin from Lifestyle Travel ([email protected]) or contact your local Travel Agent.

Otherwise suggested airlines are:

  • Southern China
  • Malaysian Airlines
  • Qatar
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Emirates
  • Thai Airways
  • Air Asia ( budget airline) I’ve used this one many times.
  • Singapore Airlines

Terms and Conditions – Further General Information


Backpacks should not weigh more than 10-12kgs… If you are having trouble please talk to us and we can help you pack more efficiently to ensure you will be able to manage this weight. Carrying extra weight can cause unnecessary stress on your ligaments and joints.

Most essentials you can purchase along the way…

Challenging yourself to minimalism can be liberating. Lighten your load. You can leave some non-essential items in Pokhara safely under lock and key as this is the set off and return point

We will supply you with a recommended packing list closer to the departure date.


Money exchange offices are everywhere and we can assist you on arrival with that.– Exchange rate usually hovers around .75

Spending money required for the trip is approx. $350 – $750 dependent on how you like to spend…

Visa cards, cash cards or any type of modern travel currency is virtually useless in Nepal. Best to bring a small amount of cash to exchange, or send yourself a western union deposit, which you can pick up at any branch in Nepal… this is what I do.

Average water cost is $1-$2 in this area of Nepal. Coffee is approx. 60cents – $2. If you refill your water bottle with mountain water it is free.


Please ensure we are aware of any pre-existing medical condition so we can be best equipped to support you. A mandatory medical form is required to be completed prior to final payment.

We must also have a copy please of your full comprehensive travel insurance and copy of passport.  Please ensure your travel insurance covers this type of trip. Eg: paragliding, off road etc.

Basic medical is available in Nepal and we do carry a basic 1st AID KIT with basic 1st AID training however managing medical conditions are your responsibility.

We require you to have a moderate level of fitness to be able to walk up to 25 kilometres per day and to have the best chance to cope well with any altitude sickness.

We suggest preparing and training for this trek to get the ‘most out’ of this experience and maximise your enjoyment levels. By aiming to walk 2-3 hours in one go whilst maintaining a conversation.


Visas can be obtained upon entry into Nepal with a fee of $50 AUD Cash only…….This is truly the easiest and most efficient way to get a visa in Nepal.

Alternatively Visas can be obtained before you depart

You must be able to show a return airline ticket


Please ensure you have at least 6 months validity on your passport from date of return to be able to entre back into Australia

Meals and refreshments

Please note that alcohol and bottled water is not included throughout the trek/tour. Water is provided at mealtimes only.

All other drinks are at your own expense. You can refill your water easily with mountain water as it is safe to drink and in the guest houses there are often filtered water to fill from.

 At mealtimes, one meal is included per person only.

If you require extra that’s fine. However you will have to cover this.

Exception in Dhal Bhat you can eat as much as you wish as they will keep refilling your plate for no extra cost.

We are a family organisation and we will look after you like family, so you feel confident you will be in great hands with local on the ground knowledge.

 For more for details please Contact us here