The beautiful Brooke Allanson sharing her thoughts on Nepal post trekking with us.

Such a gorgeous woman, who overcame so much on her journey with us. An inspiration to all of us who witnessed her journey.

For me personally I had heard you can’t go to Nepal and come back the same person and the whole experience of traveling with reconnection tribe proved this
A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.

Sharon Robinson, Australia, Oct 2017 Trek

Nepal is my most favourite of place in the world. The people the most humbling and giving in existence, the culture strong, rich and treasured amongst it’s people and the lands beautiful contrasting planes indescribable and leave you breathless.

I would go back in a heartbeat, it’s one of the few countries I’ve visited where I didn’t experience homesickness as we strangers are welcomed into their Nepalese families with open arms and treated like one of their own. Trekking through the mountains was one of the most pivotal moments in my life where I was left to walk in silence to reconnect with and discover myself again, being for once not dictated by time schedules or the wester custom busy hustle and bustle lifestyle was so freeing. I learnt so much about myself, and reprioritised what I truly treasured most in my life, which changed my world on my return. I’m a new happier, accepting, positive, and prouder person in who I am and now am focused predominately on family, being non materialistic and grateful for the opportunities i have here in Aus.

I cannot put into words how truly amazing this adventure was for me and highly recommend it to people all ages and from all walks in life.

Leigha Danielle, Australia, Oct 2016 Trek

Thank you for the wonderful and authentic experience in Nepal, (Kate & Govinda) from guiding us to trek through this hauntingly beautiful wilderness country to welcoming us into your home, family and local village for a true Nepalese experience. I felt this journey touch each corner of my heart, from the humbleness to the local people, to the sense of connectedness of unity with myself, the people, nature and ultimately reality of our true existence.

Eva Simo, October 2017 Trek

In the mountains of Nepal I came to see what it is to live with abundance and connection.  Nepalese people are connected with themselves, each other and the earth.  Their incredible capacity to work with nature is astounding. Within mountains of dry, barren, rocky terrain, valleys of lush green gardens would exist, bursting with fruit and vegetables.

Their lives are simple, connected and happy.  This was deeply moving at times and very inspiring.

I would recommend strongly to any Westerner to go and be unhipnotised. Taking this journey with Kate and Govinda makes it especially special as you travel in a bubble of love and connection.

Amanda Watkins, October 2017 Trek

Nothing has helped me look inside myself and actually find the answers more than by the observation of the Nepali people, their culture, resourcefulness, generosity and resilience. It made me ask myself “Why do I believe what I believe?”
They are inherently good people and for this reason I have travelled there many times as a solo woman. Each time I come away with my whole life’s goals totally changed for the better. It’s such a spiritual and peaceful place. Even in the busiest part of Kathmandu, I find I feel as calm as the eye of a storm.

Brooke Allanson, October 2017 Trek