mustang, a step back in time

We work with Small Group of 10 – 12 People Only

October & November 2020, 2021 for our 11 Day Nepali Experience
including a 6 Day Trek in Mustang

We trek to Muktinath because we love the energy of this place. You can enjoy it with us on a unique journey connecting heart and soul. We will show you Nepal through a local’s eye and allow you the space to explore and experience your own special moments.

Things to see enroute from Pokhara to Muktinath.
Enroute you can enjoy the spiritual and culture of Nepal. The way of life here is slow, it is hard, but rewarding. Everything has a purpose and meaning. People here live with the seasons and are in communion with Mother Earth every day. They are attuned to living in alignment with nature. They respect it. Below are some of the special things you can look out for.

Whilst walking along the Kali Gandaki river, you can collect fossils of the Jurassic age. You can also buy these fossils from the locals. Shaligram, a black stone fossil if found, is considered sacred and is kept in pooja (prayer) room in the house. It is supposed to be symbol of Lord Vishnu. Gloriously described in Puranas as Krishnagandaki (Black Gandaki) as well as Chakranadi, and worshipped as one of the holiest rivers, Krishnagandaki and consists of seven Gandaki rivers supposed to have sprung from cheek (Gandasthal) of Lord Vishnu.

The Muktinath valley has seven historic famous places Putak, Jhong, Chhyokhar, Purang Jharkot and Khinga. Ranipauwa (Lit.Queen pilgrims hostel the name of Subarna Prabha Devi) is new settlement village founded by people of Purang. There are many monasteries and Gompa around the Muktinath temple.

This Pilgrimage journey made to holy Muktinath, is worth a holy dip in the Kunda and bathe in 108 waterspouts “Muktidhara” which is believed to bring about salvation (Moksha) and to fulfill your wishes.

A Hindu Guru by the name of Lord Shri Swaminarayan is generally associated with the Temple of Muktinath. Also known as a Satguru of Sabij Yoga, towards the end of the 18th century he practiced severe penance in Muktinath for two and a half months and attained the highest degree of proficiency in Nishkamvrat. In 2003 his followers funded the new wall around Muktinath and raised a small monument for him at Muktinath.

Gomba Samba:
This is a monastery of Tibetan origin. Legend has it that the Syandol Lama, a monk from Tibet founded this monastery. This was actually used as a hostel for monks before it collapsed and the people of Khinga and Jharkot later restored it. The main deities monastries are Sakyamuni, Chingresig and Guru Rimpoche. The monastery is situated at left from entrance gate of Muktinath temple complex, would be worth it.

In front of MuktinathTemple there are 2 Kundas (Water ponds). This is generally used for holy dipping and is believed to hold the power to wash away negative karma and the results of one’s past negative actions. Get your gear off and have a go, if nothing else you will receive an ice cold bath that will invigorate you.

Highest swing bridge
Cave visit, deep ravine, fascinating sacred cave site, that not many tourists know about – the beauty of hanging with locals. ūüėČ

Kali Temple/walk through forest, river views
Rice fields and village walk/ including swing bridge and Shiva Temple –
If your lucky how to cook, Momos, or Dhal Baht/ Roti
Family visit, local family/ Govins Family. Nepali life/ Real Nepal.

Views, village life. Rest stop. The highest Cappucino/ Barista in Nepal perhaps the world?? One of the worlds most dangerous airstrips.

A very traditional Nepali village, it is famous for Yak wool weaving, Apple farms, Apple momos (amazing), Apple Pies. Marpha is notable for its many-storied old stone houses, built by hand without the benefit of mud or mortar, and for the delicious apples grown in the lush valley that snakes between the Nilgiri and Dhauligiri Himalayan ranges.

Is a Gorgeous little oasis village before the climb to Muktinath, traditional Tibetan Buddhism/ Nepali life woven together to create this unique place. The views here are amazing at Sunset from inside the Buddhist temple grounds.

POKHARA: Things to do in a and around the City.
The Lake, boat rides, visit temple in lake – 2 hours
Paragliding- 2-3 hours total time
Ultra Light – 2-3 hours total time
Sarangkhot Views/Village ride.) 3 hours round trip with viewing.
Devis Falls/ Gupta Caves, Bat caves, 1-2 hours round trip,
Canoeing/rafting 3-5 hours
Zip line and bungy, 2-3 hours
Bouddha Stupa, hike/row the boat over.
Massage/healing/spa etc.. The Ayurvedic Health Home
Volunteer: 1 day-3 day programs (Optional)


What will it Cost me?

  • EARLY BIRD, pay by Dec, 2019. $1700pp, twin share
  • Normal price $1999pp, twin share
  • Single supplement; $150
  • Deposit $300

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  • CHILDREN: 11-15 years old; $1550
  • FAMILY DEAL: Contact Us to arrange

Pre tour information

Before we depart for our adventure we try to get-together in a central location in Melbourne to meet one another as a group.

If you are unable to attend this please don’t worry as we also meet up in Pokhara for a welcome dinner also.

Once you have committed to this trek by filling in the participation form and depositing the $300 per person we add you to our special Facebook group. This is where we chat about the upcoming trek. Upload videos on packing, provide handy hints and tips, essential information you need to know before you go.

Here you may ask many questions and the entire group can connect before the trip…

$1999 per person twin share (basic room sharing with another person on the trek with private facilities / own bathroom)

Please add on $150 for single supplement for your own room (only pre and post trek accommodation total 5 nights).

Please note guesthouses along the trekking route can vary in comfort. Most rooms are dorm style with own bathrooms for up to 2-6 people. Think 2 star. Think rustic. Think authentic local Nepalese Village. Where possible we try to accommodate twin share however may have 3 or 4 of you to a room

Please remember you are travelling in an underdeveloped country and whilst the service is slow it is nothing but respectful with good intention. Whilst the accommodation simple and basic, it is clean dry and comfortable.

Accommodation in Kathmandu can be a bit tired but always clean and comfortable. Around 3 star.

Accommodation in Pokhara is nice and equivalent to 4 star

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